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930: Insurance Considerations for the “Mature” Population

February 7 and 9
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

As we age, it becomes increasingly important that we plan for and obtain coverage to cover the costs of healthcare. The most important forms of insurance in that regard are Medicare coverage; Long-term care funding in the event of the need for care over an extended period of time; and life insurance either to protect loved ones or to pass on a “legacy” in a tax-advantaged manner. This is a two-part course which will address each of these issues. Topics will include:

  • Understanding Medicare Parts A, B, and D (Prescription Drug Plans), as well as the various types of supplementary products available, e.g., Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Savings Accounts;
  • Ways in which Medicare coverage works vis-a-vis other types of coverage such as Retiree Health Plans;
  • Long-term care planning and funding options; discussion will also address those who have previously purchased Long Term Care policies; and
  • Different types of life insurance and associated features of such policies.

OLLI does not permit solicitation, marketing, or selling of financial products by presenters as part of this study group.

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Class Type: Lecture

Class Format: Online

Hours of Reading: 1-2 hours/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Mark Gottlieb

Mark Gottlieb, MHA President, Gottlieb Insurance Advisory, entered the insurance field after a career in the health services field. He has served as a Manager for Regulatory and Licensure Services for a developer of senior living communities, and as Administrator of a Senior Living Community. He is knowledgeable about all types of LTC services, policies and funding.