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964: *CANCELLED* Book and a Movie

February 7-11
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

We will consider two easily available short works: Ernest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro and John Cheever’s The Swimmer. We will discuss the authors, character development, settings, and the times the works were written. Both stories will be followed by the relevant movie adaptation. We will compare the written work to the movie, discuss the aims of the movie makers, the acting performances, and the differences between the written work and the motion picture.

Class Type: Reading and Discussion

Class Format: In-Person

Hours of Reading: 1-2 hours/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Bruce Eisen

Bruce Eisen has been an SGL for a number of semesters. His courses have included opera appreciation and discussions of J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Hesse, Thomas Mann, and T.S. Eliot.

Reading List:

The Snows Of Kilimanjaro (Ernest Hemingway) | 1936: Simon and Schuster/Scribner Paperback Fiction | ISBN: O-684-80444-I | Required