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956: 21st-Century Art

February 7-9
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

In the 20th century, we embraced abstract art. We looked at drips and blobs and tried to find meaning in color and distorted figures. We enjoyed enlarged cartoons and balloon dogs, steel cubes, and designs in the sand. In 21st-century art, those techniques and imagery may still be present but now they must tell a clear story. The notion of "art for art’s sake" is not so important. We will take a tour of 21st-century artists as they tell their stories using new and old technologies to create art they hope will change the world. This study group has a high class size capacity.

Class Type: Lecture and Discussion

Class Format: Online

Hours of Reading: No reading

Study Group Leader(s):

Arlette Jassel

Arlette Jassel was born in Havanna, Cuba. She has a BFA from Hunter College and a MAT from The University of Chicago. She is an exhibiting artist with drawings in the Smithsonian Archives' 1977 and 2020 "What is Feminist Art?" and published Daily Dance, an adult coloring book. She is a retired MCPS art teacher and has taught at The Smithsonian, Georgetown Continuing Ed, and Marymount University.