Parking at OLLI at AU

Parking General Information

Parking general information

We are very excited about our new OLLI home at 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, and we are also very aware that parking is a primary concern for our members.

American University’s GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY states:
In accordance with Washington DC regulations and the University’s “Good Neighbor Policy,” all members of the University community – including students, faculty, staff, visitors and guests – are required to do one of the following while attending class, working, or visiting AU owned property
A.     Park on campus and obtain a parking permit (this option is not currently available to OLLI members),
B.     Purchase hourly/daily parking using the pay-as-you-go parking kiosks, or
C.     Use public transportation.
Compliance with the Good Neighbor Policy is part of the OLLI lease with American University.

What are the consequences of not following the “GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY?”
Members who do not follow AU’s “Good Neighbor Policy” risk getting a $200 parking ticket from American University, but most importantly, they put OLLI at risk of violating its lease agreement with American University.

Where should I park?

Use the AU garage at 4801 Massachusetts Ave. NW
There is ample pay-as-you-go parking spaces available for $2/hour. The available spaces will ebb and flow throughout the day. Please keep in mind that these spaces are not dedicated to OLLI and are shared by other visitors to the building. Note: Payment needs to be made at kiosks BEFORE a class or lecture. Each floor of the garage has a kiosk for payment by the elevators. You must enter your license plate number in the kiosk. You do not need to put the receipt into your car after paying. The kiosks accept cash ($1 or $5 bills) or credit cards. They do not give change. AU parking staff are scheduled to assist OLLI members during the first two weeks of this semester.

May I park in the residential area surrounding the school?
Any individual doing business in an American University building, including OLLI members attending study groups and other OLLI offerings, may NOT park in residential areas. This is a District of Columbia regulation, which AU must enforce. AU parking staff routinely monitor the residential areas and will issue citations for vehicles parked in violation of the parking policy. Currently, a $200 ticket will be issued for violating this policy. This policy applies to all members, including those who have DC Zone 3 parking permits.

May I park at parking meters in the area?
We have been advised by the University that “Parking at the meters does not comport to the spirit and intent of the DC Zoning Order nor the Good Neighbor Policy and will result in complaints from neighbors and business owners." AU cannot impose parking tickets on vehicles parked at meters.  Only DC Parking Enforcement can ticket at meters.

May I park at surrounding lots in the area?
There are parking lots on the other side of Massachusetts Ave. for which you can pay to park. Please note that members may not park in the lot at the back of the building.

Are there handicapped-designated parking spaces?

There are a number of pay-as-you-go handicapped-designated parking spaces available on a first come, first-served basis on each level of 4801 Massachusetts Avenue garage.

parking for study group leaders

OLLI subsidizes the cost of parking for SGLs.