Serendipity Talk: Yeats Now: Echoing Into Life

W. B. Yeats often has just the right words for important occasions. Yeats scholar and author Joe Hassett will discuss memorable lines from Yeats's poetry that help us articulate our thoughts about significant moments in our own lives. Inviting Yeats into our lives line by line turns out to be an easy point of entry into the work of this astonishingly vital poet.

Joe Hassett is a Washington trial lawyer and author. His books include W. B. Yeats and the Muses (Oxford University Press, 2010) and The Ulysses Trials: Beauty and Truth Meet the Law (Lilliput 2016). Joe attended Canisius College, Harvard Law School, and University College Dublin (PhD).

Joe's newest book, Yeats Now: Echoing into Life is due to be released September 25 and can be ordered now from Book Depository at

Date: Thursday, October 29
Time: 3:30-4:30 PM
Location:   Online via Zoom
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