Serendipity Talk: How Does the U.S. Rank Globally? A Top 10 Summary for 2022

This talk will look at economic factors like GDP, incomes, deductions, the national debt and taxes; global warming, the environment & pollution; energy sources; healthcare costs and outcomes; marriage, divorce & birth rates; education levels & achievement; life expectancy and paid vacations; population trends; an index on religiosity & atheism; a national prosperity index; murder and crime rates; a change readiness index; happiest & most competitive countries; "best" countries ranked; "where" to be born - 2022; et al.. All charts and links to data sources provided to participants. This is year #4 for the compilation of rankings and is the most comprehensive yet!

Doug Stowell has been an OLLI Instructor at Furman University in Greenville, SC since 2015 and a national instructor since 2018. His career includes: Director of Market Research for the Xerox Corp., U.S. Director for the U.K. firm National Opinion Polling, Ltd. In London, and Senior Consultant with Wirthlin Worldwide Polling in DC. He opened his own firm in 2008 and continues today conducting global consumer issues surveys.

No registration is required. The Zoom link will be e-mailed to all those subscribed to the OLLI newsletter the morning of the talk. If you do not receive the newsletter and would like to attend, please e-mail that morning.