Course Details

985: The Presocratics

February 5-7, & 9
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

This study group will cover the origin of Greek philosophy in Ionia, then move to the great critic of Ionian philosophy, Parmenides, and then cover the pluralists, who reacted to Parmenides. We will conclude with an overview of the Sophists and Socrates.

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

Hours of Reading: 1-2 hours/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Donald Ross
Don Ross holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, where he specialized in ancient philosophy. He has taught courses covering all periods of the history of philosophy, from classical China, India, and Greece/Rome, to medieval Christian, Islamic, and Jewish philosophy, to modern European philosophy.

Reading List:

Early Greek Philosophy, Johnathan Barnes (ed.). Penguin, 2002, ISBN: 9780140448153. Plato: Complete Works, John M. Cooper (ed.). Hackett, 1997, ISBN: 9780872203495.
This is the same as the book for the Plato course. If one is not going to go on to participate in that offering, I would recommend a less expensive edition of the Protagoras alone.