Get Involved

Members become involved not only as study group leaders or representatives but also as participants on an elected board and appointed committees. As a democratic membership organization, OLLI depends on the volunteer services of its members. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more of the committees. The Board and its various committees develop and implement policies, procedures, and activities designed to enhance the overall program.

When members register for classes, the form includes a checkbox to volunteer. Otherwise, you can volunteer by contacting the OLLI office by email or by calling 202-895-4860.

  • Study Group Leaders (SGL) are members with special expertise or interests who wish to share these with other members by designing and leading study groups. They are entitled to free classes during the semester they lead a group or the following semester. 

  • Study Group Representatives (SGR) function as a liaison between their study group and the OLLI administration. They facilitate member participation, circulate rosters, make announcements, and assist study group leaders.

  • Photography volunteers photograph members and events for our website, monthly e-newsletter, and/or print publications.

  • Office/Mailing volunteers stuff and stamp mailings, and perform other tasks to assist the office staff, especially during busy periods.

  • Lecture Committee members assist the committee chair in identifying potential speakers for OLLI's four Lecture Series in January, the Spring semester, May, and the Fall semester.

  • Membership/Publicity volunteers help to promote OLLI and to recruit members by staffing a table at OLLI events, recruiting members and answering questions about OLLI membership.

  • Curriculum Committee members recruit Study Group Leaders (new and experienced ones), striving to offer a wide array of study groups across the academic spectrum.

  • Social Committee members organize social events from our Open House each semester to seasonal gatherings, such as  the Holiday Party.

  • Trips volunteers help plan, organize, and promote trips to local museums, theaters, etc.