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943: Relativity

February 1, 2, 3, 4
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Isaac Newton's view of the universe was of a fixed space obeying all of Euclid's ancient propositions, in which clocks could be synchronized at any point desired by conveying a standard clock anywhere needed. When 19th-century experiments yielded results not explainable by Newton's laws, great efforts were taken by the best physicists of the time to save Newton's construction. This course will describe those efforts and the response by Albert Einstein in his Special Theory (1905) and General Theory of Relativity (1916), and discuss the consequences of those theories in the 21st century. This study group has a high class size capacity.

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

Hours of Reading: No reading

Study Group Leader(s):

Jacques Read
Jacques Read has taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the University of California, performed research at Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and been employed by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Department of Energy. He has been a study group leader since 2013.