Course Details

100: Education Inequality and Demographic Transformation

July 15-17, 2019
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

We will explore challenging education issues that will influence the future of our children and grandchildren, and the country’s social and economic viability. Starting with changing demographics and school finance and governance, the course will examine controversies such as: implications of charter schools, vouchers, tax credits, choice and privatization - is public education still public? What’s the significance of persistent racial and socio-economic segregation in schools? Was John Dewey correct about schools as social centers: what’s the role of schools in communities? Are we done with testing as the sole measure of our children’s performance? How do we grow and sustain a high-quality teacher force?

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

Hours of Reading: Less than 1 hour/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Martin Blank
Martin Blank was Director of the Coalition for Community Schools, a consultant on education and social policy issues, and a VISTA Volunteer.

Michael Usdan
Michael Usdan is an educator with experience as a public school and college teacher, state higher education commissioner, and president of a college, national non-profit, and city school board.