Serendipity! Joe Snyder: Genghis Khan - The Man Who Conquered Eurasia

Genghis Khan, who conquered a huge part of the Eurasian continent, has a reputation as a fierce warrior and a cruel ruler. He was both, but he was also an exceptional administrator whose rule facilitated long-range trade and eventually led to the European colonial penetration of Asia.

Joe Snyder was a State Department Foreign Service Officer for thirty years, serving in Thailand, Iran, Taiwan, Malaysia and Austria, as well as Washington. After retirement from government service he was President of the American Australian Association in New York, Executive Director of the Asia Society’s Washington Center and Director of Asia Programs at the Atlantic Council. For the past eleven years he has been a lecturer on cruise ships, private jet tours and Smithsonian Journeys land tours.

Date: Wednesday, December 2
Time: 3:30-4:30 PM
Location:   Online via Zoom
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