State Department Diplomatic Reception Rooms Tour

For fifty years, the art of diplomacy has thrived in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms against a stunning backdrop of American art and architecture from the time of our country’s founding and of its formative years. This historically evocative suite (42 rooms) contains a museum-caliber collection of American fine and decorative art (5,000 objects) from the period of 1750-1825. Today, the Secretary of State, Vice President, and Members of Cabinet continue to conduct the essential business of diplomacy in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms. In these State Rooms, the United States signs treaties, conducts summit negotiations, hosts swearing-in ceremonies, facilitates trade agreements, and promotes peace.

**NOTE: The tour begins at 9:30 AM, please meet at the location by 9:00AM (2201 C St NW, Washington, DC 20520). Please note that you must provide the following information when you register: First name, last name, date of birth, state (state from which ID was issued OR country issuing passport), ID type (driver’s license, passport, etc.), ID# (DL #, Passport #, etc.), Expiration Date on ID. MUST PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION BY Monday, July 1, 12:00 PM and send to Trip Coordinator Tammy Belden at We must provide the list of participants with accompanying information to the State Department no later than July 1. This information would be in addition to signing up here.

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