Lecture - Bringing Bread to Washington

THURSDAY May 23, 2019—10:00 AM—Mark Furstenberg

Bringing Bread to Washington

How did he pull it off, this outstanding baker of the United States, so honored with a James Beard medal? Mark Furstenberg has been a White House aide, a manufacturer of copper tubing, a criminal justice consultant, an anti-poverty worker, TV assistant, Washington Post writer and bankrupt merchant. He’s gone from macro to micro. 

Mark Furstenberg is the owner of Bread Furst, a neighborhood bakery in DC. When he opened Marvelous Market in 1990, he introduced European-style baking to a Wonder Bread city. Customers waited in line to buy the maximum two loaves each was allowed. He expanded, then he failed. He soon opened a sandwich shop near the White House. Then it became too hard. Now his bakery is just right. He was honored with the James Beard award as America’s Outstanding Baker in 2017.

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