Lecture - The Shocking Impacts of Climate Change in DC

THURSDAY May 16, 2019—1:00 PM—Mike Tidwell

The Shocking Impacts of Climate Change in DC

Chronic flooding on a daily basis around the tidal basin as a result of rising sea levels is putting the iconic cherry blossoms at risk and requiring new infrastructure and sea walls. This is only one sign of fundamental changes under way in the city and suburbs. Old species no longer flourish, new invasives move in. Beaches disappear, Chesapeake Islands are threatened. What can we do? Turns out: A lot.

Mike Tidwell is founder and director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. He is a filmmaker and the author of the 2003 book, Bayou Farewell: The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana’s Cajun Coast, which predicted the Katrina hurricane disaster. His documentary film, We Are All Smith Islanders, vividly depicts the dangers of global warming in our area. Tidwell has been featured on NBC’s Meet the Press, NPR, as well as in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, Politico, and The Washington Post.

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