2021 Fall Handouts: 100-300

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 # Title SGL(s)
104 The Knowledge Gap Wexler, N.
110 Contemporary Issues in Law, Government, and Policy
110 Speaker Schedule & Topics
Rolnick, S.
111 Reconstruction and its Legacies Pomerantz, D.
112 Understanding Asia
Understanding Asia Overview
Hadden, R.

What Is to Be Done
They Don't Represent Us Pg. 1-49
They Don't Represent Us Pg. 50-70
They Don't Represent Us

Elkin, S.
142 Intelligence and the US Intelligence Community
Roth, M.
151 Middle East Institute Scholars Seminar
151 Speaker Schedule & Topics
Deroze, V.
160 Education Inequality and Demographic Transformation Blank, M., Usdan, M.
171 Current Events and Public Policy I Nevins, L., Porter, J., King, L.
172 Current Events and Public Policy II Nevins,  L., Levine, A., Porter, J.
180 Today's Supreme Court: A Course for Citizens
Comparing Federal & State Courts
US Circuit Map
Hansen, P.
185 Making a Difference? The Role of Nonprofit Organizations Background Memo Belden, J.
196 The Shocking Emmett Till Story Collins, R.
199 How Literature and Drama Can Illuminate Politics and Govt. Verdier, J.
201 The Evolution of Mind Keatley, C.
207 The Psychology of Parenting Adult Children Weissbrod, C.,  Kendall, A.
232 Workshop: Finding Your Family History Goodman, S.
237 India: Culture, Traditions, and Gandhi Srimati, K.
242 Marketing II Batra, M.
244 Survivors and Descendants of the Holocaust Feinberg, E.
250 TED Talks Mindel C.,  Lewis, L.
251 TED Talks Swan, D, Mindel, C.  
252 Exploring Our Hidden Brain Weichel, C., Weichel, K.
289 Understanding Addiction Meyer, R.
292 Living Healthier and Happier in Retirement
How to Live Healthier and Happier in Retirement
Bickford, B.
350 Protecting and Maximizing Your Retirement Income Hurwitz, D.
361 Behavioral Economics
Behavioral Economics Handout
Daney, W.
370 Climate Change: Some Major Health and Economic Aspects  Ridker, R., Paulson, J.
377 Understanding Trade Issues Graef, P.