Virtual Tour of the Jewish Community in Rome, Italy

Virtual Tour of the Jewish Community of Rome, Italy

Tuesday, May 25, 3:30-4:30 PM, via Zoom

The Jewish Community in Rome, Italy, is the most ancient residing outside of the Holy Land. The first migrants came as merchants to this most important city of what would eventually become the Roman Empire, and stayed through the centuries, witnessing and participating in events that shaped European history, world history and the history of the Jewish people. Join OLLI for a tour through their history and the places they lived.

We are pleased to offer this virtual event through a partnership with the Italian tour company Casa Mia. Priscila Corti, a native Roman, will be our professional guide for this upcoming adventure. It should be a great time as we make our way through the city of Rome following in the footsteps of this ancient community.

Tickets are only $5.  Limited to the first 300 persons that register.  Zoom links will be emailed on the morning of the event to all registrants.  Tickets may be purchased latest by Monday, May 24, 8 A.M. Refunds are available only if the event is cancelled.

**YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX "Refunds are available only if the event is cancelled." for your payment to be processed**

Keep an eye out for our next Casa Mia offering in June when Eleonora Baldwin, celebrity, bilingual journalist, and gastronome, takes OLLI on a culinary and cinematic tour of Rome!


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