2022 Spring Handouts 100-300

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 # Title SGL(s)
105 The March of Folly: Why Governments Do Stupid [Stuff] Nadel, M.
113 Shakespeare's Political Theory Elkin, S.
145 Platforms vs. Governments—The Emerging Clash Cohen, L.
148 James Madison: Political Theorist and Politician Schubert, R.

AU School of International Service—Foreign Policy Challenges for the Year Ahead

Rolnick, S.
160 Unprecedented Challenges to Public Education: Inequality, Demographics, and Politics Blank, M., Usdan, M.
171 Current Events and Public Policy I Nevins, L., Porter, J., King, L.
172 Current Events and Public Policy II Nevins,  L., Levine, A., Porter, J.
178  Thurgood Marshall: Trailblazing Legal Icon  Buglass, R.
180 Today's Supreme Court: A Course for Citizens  Hansen, P.
200  The Neuroscience of Conflict  Hull, J.
201 Evolution of Mind Keatley, C.
212 Asian Films: Culture, History, Politics Hadden, R., Hadden, B.
232 Workshop: Finding Your Family History Goodman, S.
240 Hearing Matters Alden, J.
242 Marketing  Batra, M.
252 Exploring Our Cultural Complexities Weichel, C., Weichel, K.
254 The World of Tricksters—from Loki to Banksy Croog, R.
260  The Impact of the Great War on Western Culture and the Western Worldview  O'Connor, C.
262 Leadership Skills for Everyone Buncher, C.
271  Social Inequality: Causes and Solutions  Hage, J.
275 Both Sides Now: Reflections for Women at Midlife Tracy, C.
252  Understanding Addiction  Meyer, R.
305  International Trade  Macrory, P.
322  Contemporary Economic Policy Issues  Havemann, J.
350 Protecting and Maximizing Your Retirement Income Hurwitz, D.
351 Tax Policy: What's Your Fair Share? Silfen, M.
361 Boom and Bust Daney, W.