2022 February Shorts Handouts

If there are handouts available for a study group, they are linked. If there are none listed, then we currently have none. The handouts page will be available for the duration of February.

 # Title SGL(s)
910 The National Security/Military Challenges Facing the Biden Administration Wilson, P.
  CANCELLED: The Development of Financial Legislation Fink, M.
912 Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They’ve Ever Made Canan, R.
914 What Is Rural? Belden, J.

For the Love of Siblings: Film to Understand Family Relationships

Lewis, K.
930 Insurance Considerations for the “Mature” Population Gottlieb, M.
931 Do Only the Rich Have Trusts? Key Strategies Using Trusts in Your Estate Plan Burton, J.
940 The Basic Science of SARS-CoV-2: A Year Later Cheh, A.
942 Cutting the Cord: Streaming Alternatives to Cable TV  Rezmovic, V.
  CANCELLED: Relativity Read, J.
944  A Look at Agriculture in the US and Internationally  Hinga, K.
945 Mathematics in Art Atkinson, G.
950 Discover 16 New Geniuses in the Performing Arts
Moskowitz, Daniel; Flaxman, David; Bush, Ilsa; Stevens, Mark
  CANCELLED: Sound Revolutions—A Brief History of Recorded Sound Brylawski, S.
952 Listening to the Movies Sherman, D.
953 "Made You Look, Made You Think:" The Early Pioneers of Abstraction With, C.
954 Dynamic Ways of Looking at American Art and Culture Gordon, M.
955 Introduction to Creative Stamping Hope, M.
956  21st-Century Art  Jassel, A.
957 Blades on Ice: Figure Skating at the 2022 Olympics Cahn, G.
958 It's Ballet but Is It Dancing? Kokich, K.
960 Practice in Translating Latin Smith, D.
961  De l'utilisation de la Femme dans Bel-Ami de Guy de Maupassant Sandifer, C.
  CANCELLED: Lady Chatterley's Lover: Then and Now Newmyer, E., Newmyer, N.
963  Some Charles Simic Poems  Palmer, R.
  CANCELLED: Book and a Movie Eisen, B.
970 The Mexican Muralists—The Impact of Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros Heilman, L.
971 The Angkor Temples of Cambodia in the Modern Era: War, Pride, and Tourist Dollars Burgess, J.
972 Black History Month Beyond Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks Stewart, K.
980 Elementary Logic Ross, D.
981 Introduction to Insight Mindfulness Meditation Nicole, K.