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956: "It Was a Good Show, But Don't Do It Again": American Art, Modernism, and the 1913 Armory Exhibition

February 5-8
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

On the evening of February 17, 1913, four thousand guests crowded the rooms of the 69th Street Armory in New York City to view the International Exhibition of Modern Art, more commonly referred to as the Armory show. On exhibit were approximately 1,300 works by contemporary artists from Europe and America. To comprehend the show's place in American history and art, this Short will revisit the exhibition and its tumultuous aftermath. It will examine the state of American art prior to 1913, reconstruct the show's organization, discuss contemporary opinions, and review the show's significance from the vantage point of our own day.

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

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Chris With
Christopher With has worked in the education department of the National Gallery of Art and has a degree in German history from UCLA.