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953: Humor in Classical Music

February 2, 4
9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Although some would say classical music is very serious, there is a great deal of humor in many works, including those written by the great composers. This course will explore the question of what makes something funny and show the many ways in which music can be funny, both in content and in performance. The instructor will offer many examples of humor from the classical repertoire, including presentations by Anna Russell and Professor Peter Schickele, along with excerpts from the country-western version of the Ring Cycle (no kidding!) This study group has a high class size capacity.

Class Format: Lecture

Hours of Reading: No reading

Study Group Leader(s):

Dan Sherman
Dan Sherman has taught several courses on musical theater and film musicals at OLLI, along with many other venues in the area. He holds his PhD in economics from Cornell and recently retired as Managing Director at the American Institutes for Research.