Course Details

120: Education Inequality and Demographic Transformation

July 13-16, 2020
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

This class will explore challenging education issues that will influence the future of our children and grandchildren, and the country’s social and economic viability. Starting with a focus on changing demographics, the purpose of public education and school finance & governance, the course will examine issues such as: the challenges of urban education; implications of charters and choice; persistent racial and socio-economic segregation in schools; the relationship between schools and their communities; assessing student performance—moving beyond testing. The class also will examine the implications of the Covid-19 crisis for public schools. Study Group Leaders are responsive to issues of greatest interest to participants.

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

Hours of Reading: Less than 1 hour/session

Study Group Leader(s):

Michael Usdan
Michael Usdan is an educator with experiences as a public school and college teacher, state higher education commissioner, and president of a college, national non-profit, and city school board.

Martin Blank
Martin Blank was Director of the Coalition for Community Schools and a consultant on numerous education and social policy issues.