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410: Using Computers, Smart Phones, and Tablets

July 15-19, 2019
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

This five-day OLLI short will consist of two parts. The first three days will consist of presentations covering the components and functions of modern electronics.  The last two days will be problem solving, where we will respond to specific questions that each participant may have. Before the class starts, we will ask participants to send us specific questions they may have about their computers, phones, or tablets, so we can be prepared to address those questions. This will be an opportunity for participants to get an introduction to the very basics and help members to use those electronics in ways that we know are possible but haven’t figured out yet. The topics of the three prepared presentation sessions are listed below. Participants are encouraged to bring their electronic device to each session.

  1. Overview - Components of our current computer, smart phone and tablet environment
    1. Hardware – computers
    2. User interfaces
    3. Internet and World Wide Web
    4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    5. Cellular (phone) connections
  2. Where you can get answers on your own
    1. Help menus
    2. Apple & Microsoft tutorials
    3. General Google questions
    4. YouTube videos
    5. Free in-store classes
  3. Uses for the smart phone
    1. It’s really a computer and camera that also serves as a phone
    2. A spare memory – contacts, passwords, notes etc.
    3. Connection to the internet
    4. Use that camera to document and remember
    5. Payment device, parking, and credit card replacement
    6. Find your way around
    7. Flashlight and compass
    8. Alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and time zone manager
    9. Apps for specific functions
    10. Device controller – lights, hearing aids, and speakers
  4. How to search the Web
    1. Browsers
  5. Notes on using e-mail
    1. Reply, reply all, CC, BCC, attachments, mailboxes, and folders
  6. Notes on texting
    1. Attachments

Class Format: Lecture and Discussion

Hours of Reading: No reading

Study Group Leader(s):

Kenneth Hinga
Kenneth Hinga is a retired oceanographer and environmental scientist. After a career in marine research, he was a science advisor for the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service, dealing with agricultural-environmental issues and food safety.