June Minis Catalog Updates

1240 and 1250:  Computer Introduction: Mini Sessions

See schedule of topics covered:

In addition to the regular summer short study groups, we are offering a series of eight separate mini introductions to various aspects of modern computers and electronics. Each session will cover the most basic functions, intended for the novice. This will be an opportunity for participants to get an introduction to the very basics and help users to do things with those electronics that we know are possible, but haven’t figured out how to do yet. Each session will be a combination of prepared introduction and answering questions.   Participants are welcome to attend as many or few of the sessions that are of interest. The topics of the sessions are listed below.

11:45 AM
How to use the internet - week 1
Basic computer file management - week 2
Introduction to Word - week 3
How to use electronic media in OLLI classrooms - week 4 (especially for OLLI Study Group Leaders)

1:45 PM
Basic e-mail - week 1
What you can do with your smart phone - week 2
Introduction to PowerPoint - week 3
Creating a multi-page handout for an OLLI study group - week 4 (especially for OLLI Study Group Leaders, led by Carl Weichel)

1630:  Modernism in European Art, 1900-1925: 
This study group should be listed in the Visual Arts/Music section of the catalog.