Fall 2017 Catalog Updates

Fall Semester End Date

The Fall 2017 semester ends December 8.

Study Group Changes to Day, Time, start date, etc.

SG 235:  Animals and American Culture will begin October 20, not September 29 for eight weeks.

SG 292:  Writing and Sharing Your Life Story: The correct time is 11:45 am to 1:15 pm on Monday.

SG 580:  Favorite Operas: The correct time is 11:45 am to 1:15 pm on Wednesday.

SG 615:  Deutsch fuer Fortgeschrittene  will begin October 9, not September 25.

SG 705:  The Life and Times of Winston Churchill: The correct day  is THURSDAY, 1:45 pm to 3:30 pm.

SG 790:  Off the Beaten Path will begin on October 5, not September 28.

SG 794:  Hamilton and Jefferson is a repeat.

Study Group Cancellations

SG 118:  Current Issues in Policing in America has been cancelled.

SG 265: Women in Baseball: A Work in Progress.  This class is cancelled.

SG 446:  Using Medications Safely and Effectively:  This study group has been cancelled.

SG 581:  Great Films/Great Directors:  This study group has been cancelled.

Changes to Book Availability

The following books are not available at Politics & Prose but may be found on Amazon:

SG 631:  The Last Seder  by Jennifer Maisel

SG 655:  Typhoon  by Joseph Conrad

SG 695:  Within the Walls  by Giorgio Bassani

                  Sicilian Uncles  by Leonardo Sciascia

SG 799:  The Colonel  by Godfrey Hodgson