Free Minds Poetry Workshop

On Friday, October 19, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, OLLI and the local nonprofit Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop will co-sponsor our fourth "Free Minds Poetry Group." Jenny Pierson and Ellen Siegler are coordinating this event. (Location: Room 1 on 5th floor)

Free Minds conducts literacy programs, including poetry classes, for incarcerated youth in DC. They will provide us with a packet of poems written by incarcerated young men for us to read and provide comments.

We are seeking a community of 20-25 OLLI members who will give the youth's poetry encouraging comments. Providing feedback on these poems is an enjoyable community activity and a great way to show these youth that others respect their work and appreciate their dedication. A few men who have participated in and benefited from this program will be with us to share their experiences in the program and express their appreciation.

If you have  questions, contact Jenny Pierson - / 202-248-8288

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