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TUESDAY January 22, 2019—Theodore C. Lutz

METRO at the Creation

When the first official METRO trip set off from the Rhode Island Station for Farragut North in 1976, Ted Lutz was 31 years old. Six months later he was General Manager. As the region reveled in the good will and optimism surrounding the architecturally-acclaimed and scandal-free system, the seeds of METRO’s latter-day troubles were already rooted in regional competition, transportation disputes, and a lack of dependable funding.  

Theodore C. Lutz was METRO’s second general manager and was the Bureau of the Budget/OMB examiner for D.C., head of the Urban Mass Transit Authority, and the leader of Metro throughout negotiations over the “formula”—who pays what. After running the Metro for three years, Lutz became vice president of The Washington Post, from which he retired in 2006.