Catalog Updates and Book Availability

February Shorts:

  • SG 942: Genetically Modified Foods and Related Issues - This study group has added on a fourth session. It will now meet on 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, and 2/7.
  • SG 963: Jump Starting Your Creative Writing - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 970: US Civil Liberties in Wartime - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 981: Aristotle (Poetry and Rhetoric) - This study group is newly added and doesn't appear in the print catalog. For more information/to register, please click here.


  • SG 437: Energy, Entropy, and Time's Arrow - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 492: The Human Microbiome - This study group will now start a week later, on 3/13
  • SG 523: Creating Art Through Collage: Beginners and Advanced - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 646: The Book of Genesis - Part 2 - Participants can purchase either book for the class: Robert Alter, The Five Books of Moses. W.W. Norton, New York, 2004 / Robert Alter, The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary. W.W. Norton, New York, 2018
  • SG 684: Enjoying Contemporary American Literature by African-American Writers - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 721: The Bloody Breakup of Pakistan in 1971 - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 791: History of American Indian-White Relations - This study group is CANCELLED.
  • SG 799: Ulysses S. Grant: In Peace and War - This study group will now meet for ten weeks. The following books are also recommended reading: American Ulysses, 2016, Random House. ISBN - 9780812981254 / The Man Who Saved the Union, 2012. Anchor Books, ISBN:  978-0-307-47515-2
  • SG 841: Albert Camus: Moral Philosopher - This study group will now start a week later, on 3/12


All February books are available at Politics & Prose.

Spring books unavailable at Politics & Prose:

SG 168 - U.S. Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World - Rethinking the U.S. Approach to Force Planning

SG 373 - How to Get Rich Surely, But Slowly (Available exclusively through

SG 631 - King o' the Moon

                Little Foxes

                Familiar (copies of play will be provided in class)

                The Last Mass at St. Casimir's

SG 695 - Not Wanted On The Voyage

                Fifth Business

                Tay John

                The Tin Flute

SG 805 - Voluntary Controls

SG 806 - Human Energy Systems

SG 868 - Hellenistic Philosophy


SG 260 - The Great War and the Death of God

SG 631 - 4,000 Miles

SG 695 - Country of Pointed Firs

SG 868 - The Manual of Epictetus

The books above that are unavailable at Politics and Prose can be ordered online. Here are some suggestions for purchasing books online: