2021 February Shorts Handouts

If there are handouts available for a February Short, they are linked below. If there are none listed and no note, then we currently have none. This page will be available throughout the two weeks of February Shorts.

 # Title SGL(s)
910 Tough Cases, Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They've Ever Made R Canan, G Mize, F Weisberg,
R Walton
911 Early Childhood Politics and Policies H Blank
912 Civil Rights and Government Institutions
M Nadel
913 The National Security/Military Challenges Facing the Biden Administration P Wilson
914 Reconstruction and Its Legacies: The 13th, 14th, and 15th AmendmentsD Pomerantz
915 Populism and the PresidencyP Hansen
916 School and Community: A Challenging Partnership M Blank
920 Clear Thinking in the Age of Data Overload
R Squitieri
921 The Future of … Five Select Topics to Be Examined by the Experienced and Wise L Neuman
922 Teaching About Communities K Kravetz
940 Climate Change and Human Health J Paulson
941 Social Implications of Technology Innovations: An Overview and Examples G Warley
942 Mathematics Elsewhere G Atkinson
943 Relativity J Read
944 The Basic Science of the Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 A Cheh
945 Physics of Spacetime E Kearsley
946 Issues in Food Safety K Hinga
950 Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture M Gordon
951 Voices of the Stars: Singers Who Dubbed for Movie Actors Who Couldn't D Moskowitz
952 A History of Porcelain: From Ming to Meissen to Minto K Lindgren
953 Humor in Classical Music D Sherman
961 Dylan Thomas: Listening, Reading, Contemplating R Palmer
962 Dickinson's Daughters
E Heginbotham
963 Reviewing New York Times Book Review C Weichel, B Moldauer
964Simone Weil on Tragedy: Lessons from a Poem and a Play R Collins
965 Sherlock Holmes: Books and BeyondD Sherman
966 PDQ Joyce R Kolodney
967Understanding Families Through Movies K G Lewis
970 The Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion of the Jews from Spain J Gorsky
971 Machineries of Death
E Ingebretsen
972 Woodley and Its ResidentsA Kilborne